He is risen

Very early,

Sunday morn,

Grief rising up like a gathering storm.


Hearts ache,

As the weight of it all begins to dawn.


Thorns, nails,

Mournful wails,

Laid in a tomb that wasn’t His own,

Laden with spices,

We make our way,

Not even knowing who’ll roll back the stone.


Earth quake,

Guards shake,

Heavenly beings in dazzling white,

Our hearts pound with fear,

Too scared to draw near,

We bow to the ground at this dazzling sight!


“You needn’t fear!

He isn’t here!

“Why search for the Living among the dead?

Hurry, go!

Let everyone know –

That Jesus is risen, just as He said!”















How blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered! – Psalm 32:1


So he ran on ahead and climbed up into a Sycamore tree in order to see Him, for He was about to pass through that way…Luke 19:4


The streets of the city were crowded that day,

The Teacher was coming – He was heading this way.

My heart leapt within at the sound of His Name,

This man who healed lepers, the blind and the lame.


But the crowds all around me were blocking my view,

And try as I might, I just couldn’t push through.

Not much to be said for my stature – it’s true,

So I ended up right at the back of the queue!


Then ahead of the crowds in the distance, I see,

Down the long dusty road,

There’s a Sycamore Tree,

I was desperate to see Him,

So it had to be done.

I kicked up the dust and I started to run!


My robes snagged on branches as I scrambled up high,

And I hoped, against hope, that He wouldn’t pass by,

Still my heart skipped a beat when He stopped by that tree,

And He peered through the leaves,

Looking straight up at me!



What would He say to a man such as me?

What was I doing here?

How could it be?

That this wonderful stranger should call me by name?

In that moment, I knew, I would not be the same.


The people were outraged- He was going to eat,

At the home of *Zacchaeus, the swindler, the cheat!

But whenever He spoke, all my pride fell apart,

And something was changed in the depths of my heart.

The tears started falling, my heart overflowed.

I would pay it all back, every penny I owed.

I would give it all gladly,

I would do anything,

For this wonderful Man,

For this beautiful King!


The love that He showed me,

The grace that He gave,

Swept over my being, like wave after wave,

What joy filled my soul, and what gladness within,

When the Son of God cleansed me,

From all of my sin.



  • Amazed to discover today that the meaning of the Hebrew name Zacchaeus means, “Clean, pure!”



Giant Slayer!


David was a shepherd, he was Jesse’s youngest son,

And although he was the smallest, he was God’s anointed one.

He had seven older brothers who were big and strong and smart

But the outer things don’t matter when God’s looking at your heart.


Now three of David’s brothers – the eldest of them all,

Were camped outside the city with the Armies of King Saul.

But David wasn’t old enough to join in with the battle,

He stayed at home in Bethlehem, attending to the cattle.


One day his father handed him a bag of grain and bread,

Take these to your brothers, bring back news of them he said.

So just as day was dawning, young David rose and went,

He ran to meet his brothers, with the food his father sent.


The Israelites came marching out with shouts and battle cries,

But as David followed after them, he got a HUGE surprise.

For marching round the valley, a giant of a man

Was challenging the Israelites “Come fight me – if you can!”


This Philistine was massive, he was over nine feet tall!

And the Israelites would tremble, every time they heard him call.

His spear was like a weaver’s beam, his armor weighed a ton!

“Is there no-one that would challenge me?” he boomed at everyone.


For forty days he taunted them, but no-one volunteered,

“You call yourselves an army, huh?” Goliath loudly jeered.

But David wasn’t frightened, as you’d probably suppose,

In fact this mouthy Philistine got right up David’s nose!


“Who is this heathen Philistine?” young David boldly called,

“He dares defy the armies of the true and living Lord?

What’s the prize for killing him?” He went and asked the others,

“Just go back home and feed the sheep” warned David’s older brothers.


King Saul heard the commotion, so he summoned David in,

“You’re just a lad, for goodness sakes, you’ll never EVER win!”

But David was determined, he was totally persuaded,

“The Lord will keep me safe”, he said, “I do not fight unaided”.


King Saul was flabbergasted but this kid was on a mission,

“Very well, young David, you may fight on one condition –

You must wear my finest armour from your head down to your toe.

And may the Lord watch over you, and bless you as you go!”


But David wasn’t used to wearing bronze from head to toe,

He could hardly move a muscle and he wasn’t good to go!

A shepherd’s stick, a pouch and sling were all that David took,

And five flat stones he gathered from the peaceful, babbling brook.


And when he neared the battle line, Goliath roared with laughter,

“I’ll eat you up for breakfast and I’ll still be hungry after!

Goliath was no gentleman, he didn’t mince his words,

“I’ll tear off all your flesh and then I’ll feed it to the birds!”


But David stood his ground, his faith was bigger than his foe,

“Listen up Goliath, ‘cos there’s something you should know!

You come at me with sword and spear and javelin, it’s true,

But in the name of God alone, I’m coming after you!”


Goliath moved in closer, he was ready to attack,

David ran to meet him; he let nothing hold him back.

He reached into his bag and popped a pebble in his sling!

And suddenly with lightning speed, he hurled it with a fling!


It smacked the mighty giant man, right between the eyes,

The stone sank in, the armies gasped in terror and surprise.

You could have heard a pin drop – as no one made a sound!

Then like a fallen tree, Goliath thundered to the ground!


The Philistines were terrified, they panicked and they fled!

They couldn’t quite believe it, their champion was dead!

A shepherd boy, had conquered, with a stone and with a prayer,

And with faith that moves a mountain, he became a giant slayer!