As many of you have heard, we’re taking part in a neighbourhood project called Living Advent Windows. Volunteers around the local area have been taking turns to set up a festive display in their front windows, throughout each day of advent.

This morning, 11th December, 2020, (on what would have been my late grandmother’s 100th birthday), it was our turn!

I decided right from the start that I wanted to capture something of the true meaning of Christmas and endeavoured to create some kind of nativity scene.

It began with this :

Next came a couple of glittery trumpet blowing angels:

Then of course, the three Wise Men, which were made out of a single piece of black card, and were quite fiddly to cut out! It was worth the effort when at last I’d finished snipping! The whole silhouette was then illuminated by adding some white tissue paper behind it, to diffuse the light.

And finally, we needed a shepherd, which I managed to complete in the nick of time at just around midnight last night! Phew.

Not only has this project been really fun to be a part of, but it’s also served as a great reminder that this good news of great joy, which was heralded by a multitude of singing angels on that first Christmas night, really was for ALL people!

The birth of Jesus was not only good news for wise and learned men who travelled from the East, bringing expensive gifts with them, but also for the humble, rough-and-ready shepherds, out on the dark hillsides of Bethlehem, keeping their nightly watch over their flocks.

And still to this day, the birth of that baby, in a borrowed stable is good news of great joy, for each and every one of us who will receive it!

It’s been so much fun to take part in this community project, which is still unfolding as I write. It’s wonderful– magical really- to see each new advent window appearing with the dawning of each day.

It’s wonderful also to witness the adundance of creativity and community spirit that still exists in our little South London community, which at times can foster an atmosphere of crime, tension and division. It’s also been lovely to rediscover the true joy of Christmas which can only really come from doing something to put a smile on someone else’s face!

Finally it’s been a great way to get to know neighbours – people living right under my nose – that otherwise I might never have met. The sense of community among all the participants is really beginning to gather momentum, with everyone coming out to look at each others windows and genuinely cheering each other on!

Last week, one of the families participating even took the time to bake and deliver these little bags of Christmas cookies to all the households involved:

What a lovely gesture!

Tomorrow, Emily and I will be going out on our weekly walk around the block to have a look at some of this week’s windows. We’ll definitely be posting some more photos!

7 thoughts on “Shepherds, Angels and Wise Men

  1. Angie you’ve really inspired me for next year. My little road would be perfect for this as there are 24 houses, however with some of them now converted into flats, a couple of them non English speaking and a few Muslims, I don’t think as a road, it would be a success but with a whole year to plan it, I’m thinking I could do this myself! The amount of people who walk past my house to get to The Glades in December… I could tell the REAL Christmas story starting with the angel coming to the virgin Mary. I’m not going to be able to do 24 nativity scenes so will break it up with holly, baubles & robins etc but everyday I can have a bible verse about Jesus…

    1. Hi Anouska,
      Now there’s a great idea! I’m so glad you’re inspired and I think your 24 day advent calendar idea would be so amazing. Your house is in a prime location for it. I definitely think you should do it, you have heaps of time to prepare. I will help in any way I can!!

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